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4 FAQ’s About Petal Park bundle

You’ve been following me for a while and see that I’m going from Clean and Simple (CAS) to using a punch that coordinates with the stamp set … and you have questions. I get it. And I have answers.

FIRST QUESTION: Not another flower stamp set, again? Well, as a gardener I’d have to say that flowers here on the cards is much better than cut flowers in a vase. But the real reason is all about it being a two-step stamping kind of set. I don’t have time to color 20 cards, and don’t want to use alcohol markers because they bleed through to the inside of the card. So, first answer is yes … another stamp set because it’s a two-step stamping set.

SECOND QUESTION: How are you chopping up a bunch of card stock for punching flowers out? Answer is: I use 12×12 sheets of Basic White REGULAR THICKNESS card stock. See this:

THIRD QUESTION: What if I don’t want to use a punch? Why can’t I go back to just CAS? Well, you definitely can because the floral stamp with three flowers on it fits right in there. Take a look at this up close picture:

FOURTH QUESTION: How do you keep the stamp image from trailing over, onto the backside of the card? The answer is, you don’t! Let it flow onto the backside of the card, too. And that’s just another reason I stamp, embellish, glue, and complete cards before I fold them at all. If you’ve ever tried to stamp on the front of a card base after folding and had it spring back up and smear your ink, you know what I’m talking about.

RANDOM QUESTION THAT CAME IN OVER THE WEEKEND … Why just Note Cards lately? Well, that’s an easy question to answer. It’s because they are so CUTE! And, because of their size, it’s perfect to tuck three sentences in, add a gift card or recipe, and send on its way with a regular postage stamp.

Since I’ve been making Note Cards by the handful, I’m definitely putting a lot more into the mail. Last week I sent 36 cards to those I’m shipping catalogs to and enjoyed it so much, I’ve gone back to making my mini newsletters that fit a Note Card envelope! It only took me an hour to figure out how to do it in my Word Processing software and so I went to town and printed up 40 of them! I’m sure our mail carrier thinks I’m sending out invitations!

Be sure and leave me a comment! I’m using different colors this week, and will be using stamp sets that I told you to buy and you DID! Flowing Flowers, Forever Fern, this one (Petal Park), and sentiments that I bought from Joscie.com

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  1. Well, you definitely sold me on this set…FINALLY! LOL I can see myself using this stamp set and punch a lot…like I did Flower Shop and Petite Petals but just one stamp set and one punch! Can’t wait till my bundle arrives!

    1. I’m glad to hear this, Kathy! I’m thrilled with this bundle and so glad it doesn’t require dies for a change.