Forever Fern Note Card

There’s nothing like having your own set of cards ready to go on a Monday morning. Friends and family check in, you catch up on Facebook, and hear all about how they are doing. Yet another reason to be making Clean and Simple cards, and make them in batches.

I took a long time getting my color combination together. I wanted lighter colors and not just neutrals, so I came up with what I wanted and then got the Stamparatus out.

I chose Note Cards and decided I wanted to make a full package of 20 cards and envelopes. And here’s how I make these quick: I will stamp one or two of the images using the Stamparatus so the batch looks similar, if not identical.

As you can see in the photo, Note Cards fit entirely on the Stamparatus so you can snug them right up into the corner. NOTE: Make sure you are stamping with the valley of the score line visible. Make sure you are folding your sweet cards the correct way so as not to crack the hot pressed surface.

Next blog post, I will show you the cards and envelopes, and we’ll talk about the color combination I used.

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