How’s The House Coming?

We should have a foundation poured by this time next week, if not already, whoop whoop! We went out Tuesday night and found that they were all ready to wall off the end of the garage to pour that big slab, and it already looks like it's going to be better structure than this house.

I've just spent the last hour designing my new studio. Looks like all I need is a nine foot work surface built for me because I'm using four Alex carts from IKEA underneath and the rest of the studio is already free-standing furniture. Here's what an Alex rolling cart looks like:

I Konmarie'd my closet! I donated everything in my closet and dresser down to a capsule wardrobe, and why the heck not? I don't work any more, and work casual is all I need until the Christmas Ball.

I also Konmarie'd the kitchen. We solved the mine-your-ours stuff with a Toys-R-Us kitchen plan that doesn't require Martha Stewart's approval. I can finally unpack all my entertainment things that I brought with me from Durham TEN YEARS AGO!

Next thing to clear out will be the linen closet and that's a cinch because I did it four years ago and we don't have anything new.

Current house goes on the market Feb 9 with an anticipated sale in 10 days. We hope to lease back but if we don't get that kind of buyer, I can hotel it for three months.

I'll clear out my excess craft supplies using an idea from my neighbor. Last night she suggested I price everything and hold a fund raiser for Cavalier Rescue USA. Sounds better than a garage sale and I won't hate it so much! I'll post here when the garage sale is planned and bring cash!

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