When I first started teaching card making classes, I created projects for what I called Extreme Cards. However, once I moved, I needed more cards and they needed to be faster to make. Also, they needed to mail with a single postage stamp.

As I worked to come up with elegance in my cards, what really appealed to me were projects with a cluster of die cut pieces that appeared to be a brooch!  I coined the term “Card Corsage” to describe the CAS card with my signature corsage. You will love this style of card because:

  • Saves time – you can make 4 gorgeous cards in 30 minutes
  • Saves money – you have much less wasted material
  • Saves postage – these cards are designed explicitly to mail with a single postage stamp

Simplicity saved me lots of time and allowed me to cut four card parts in about ten minutes. Following my instructions, you can make 4 cards from just three sheets of cardstock with only a 1″ strip of white left over. Keeping the colors coordinated saves money because I can keep my projects elegant without having to buy every color in the catalog. Additionally, the Card Corsage saves money on these postage-friendly cards.

When you use my proven method in this formula for card making, you can make 4 cards in just 30 minutes. In the time it takes for you to get out your materials, why not make 4 at the same time? My Card Corsage is created in a few key elements:

  • Its placement for design balance.
  • It’s a certain number of elements to eliminate design chaos
  • It’s a celebration of “white space” to create a place for your eye to rest.

And it all comes together to make 4 Cards in 30 Minutes.