Stampin’ Up! Ink Pads Revamped

While I was in Ft. Worth last Friday, I learned all about the big color revamp at Stampin’ Up! as well as all the changes planned for the Ink Pads themselves.

The stamp pad case’s manufacturing mold has been ready to expire. Stampin’ Up! can only use a mold a limited time before it starts to break down and needs replacing, so while the case molds had to be redone, what better time to answer our needs, too?

To save us all money, Stampin’ Up! coordinated the change in pads with the change in colors, and with the change in ink formula.  No more bubbles in the ink. Retiring 13 colors, bringing in new colors and returning old favorites, and creating a new color family for the basics: black, white, and vanilla.

With the new pads, there has been a change in size and they will be about a quarter of an inch shorter. Stamp-n-Storage has a major announcement TODAY!!!


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