Sunday Share: It Is Well With My Soul


in a good or satisfactory manner: “Business is going well.”
thoroughly, carefully, or soundly: to shake well before using; listen well.


comparative: better,
superlative: best.
in good health; sound in body and mind: “Are you well?” “He is not a well man.”
satisfactory, pleasing, or good: “All is well with us.”

But is it well with our soul today, with Ukraine under attack by an egotistical maniac who thought Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Lenin were WEAK? I personally know people in Ukraine. One of my carpenters is so fresh from Ukraine his English is very broken and I can hardly think what state he must be in right now!

I found something on Instagram that rang true for me this week, and that is, Compassion Fatigue Is A Real Thing! And right now, thinking about those that I know and have physically hugged in European countries makes it hard for me to say, “It is well with my soul.”

When we love others as God would have us love them, as ourselves, the compassion that pours out of our hearts is a very real feeling and frequently makes us want to do something in the real realm: donate, organize, talk to them, and make things happen for their safety and security. Isn’t that what we all felt as the pandemic descended on us all over the world? And suddenly we couldn’t even hop a plane to get “over there” to hug them?

So we should pray! “Pray without ceasing”, 1 Thessalonians 5:17. Need it to get physical? Pray on your knees. Pray at bedside with your sobs muffled in the comforter. Pull the car over and pray out loud at the top of your lungs.

And end your prayers with the “finish” that is never not answered: “Thy Will be done.” Thy. Will. Be Done. Thy Will because mine is for another Chris Kyle to Take. Putin. Out!

As Christians we know that God’s Will for us is always, always, always GOOD! God’s Will for the outcome of Putin’s plan will be good. And final. He’s been a bully long enough, Lord! Sooner rather than later, please!

May it be well with your souls, readers. Know that I am praying for all things, as well as you. My prayer journal is filling up this year as fatigue is leading to anger across the globe, as friends suffer from pain and the weariness that pain just keeps continuing, and now war in Ukraine.

It is well with my soul.

***Late Entry***

Anne Graham Lotz knows many women in Ukraine because she went there to deliver “Just Give Me Jesus” in Kyiv in 2005, and she is calling upon all “Esthers”:

Praying for the Women in Ukraine


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