In a world full of social media, email, and texting, I miss getting mail in my mailbox other than adverts and bills. Sure, it’s nice to see the Facebook birthday messages, but I won’t be able to pull them out and read them again. Getting a text message is nice and a sweet little reminder from friends, but I can’t find what we were talking about without scrolling miles. And I miss their handwriting as much as I miss the handwriting of my Great Aunt Vi.

Our handwritten note sent through real mail conveys volumes of value to the recipient. Sadly, the world has become impersonal through Social Media, email, and texting. It has left many people lonely without the sense of belonging or being loved because nothing replaces human contact. Real mail in the mailbox will change much of that!

As a lifelong card maker, I began teaching others how to make cards in 2008. The cards and pretty packaging are well thought out, elegant designs with color coordination, and are quick to make using simple techniques and tools. What we make shows love before the words are written.

My FAVORITE reason to put something in the mail is to send a letter of encouragement! Putting three or five sentences inside a card is the happy medium between simply signing a greeting card, and sending pages of a handwritten letter.

I started a Card Ministry from my kitchen table. I make the cards, I hear of the people needing a note of encouragement, and I send them myself. Grief isn’t a one-time episode, so keep track of those people and send a card every month to walk the road with them. Remember those anniversaries of their loss, and take note of their first holidays without their loved one including their first birthday.

Those of us that have Kitchen Table Ministries have formed a group called the Dandelion Society. You can read more about that HERE.