4 Cards in 30 Minutes: Why?

Some of my precious students have wondered about the 4 Cards in 30 Minutes I have been promoting.

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In my recent class I was asked repeatedly if I was going to ever make cards with them that were more difficult, use a fancy fold, add more layers, or an odd layout. To answer them, and you, I thought I would talk about a passion of mine.

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In a world full of social media, email, and texting, I miss getting mail in my mailbox that means something to me. Sure, it's nice to see the Facebook birthday messages, but I won't be able to pull them out and read them again. Getting a text message is nice and a sweet little reminder from friends, but I miss their handwriting as much as I miss the handwriting of my Great Aunt Vi.

So I've started a campaign. I'm bringing snail mail back. I'm making the 4 Cards in 30 Minutes in order to have lots of them on hand every month. Not only can you make four at a time, but you can make 20 in just over an hour, so why not? How many times have you wished you had a card to send the very minute you hear of someone's broken heart?

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In amongst the birthday cards, there are happy mail wishes for better days, thank you cards, sympathy cards, and "Hey-do-you-remember-the-time …" cards.

My 4 Cards in 30 Minutes card class is always full because there are a lot of us that want handfuls of cards made ahead, and because these cards all mail for one ounce of postage. With everything already cut out in kit form, any papercrafter can make these cards. Good for beginners, and good for those who are short on time but long on love!

Next time I'm going to show you a card idea that's perfect for the special occassion you have plenty of time to work on!

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  1. I so agree with you Celia!  It is so easy to just punch in the words on a cell phone and hit send; but so much nicer to actually get a hand made card with personal writing in the mail.  Even I will admit every time you post (like above) the first thing I do is see if my zip code is there!  I have kept every card you have sent for inspiration and pure enjoyment.  It is nice to look back and just know that someone was thinking of you!  How often do we go back and look at our messages on our phone, IPad, or PC?  Nothing to hold and touch and admire!  Lets bring snail mail back!