Do You Ever Think About What Color Theory Is?

I’ve heard about Color Theory a lot, but do you ever think about what Color Theory is? I have a favorite program on TV called Home Town, with Erin and Ben Napier in Laurel, Mississippi where homes are sold based on the premise that renovations would be included in their price range. Erin is a professional artist, college educated in Color Theory, so I wondered …. what does it say about me?

Orange! My favorite color is orange! In a series of articles at Michigan State University they said a few things about Oranges that are true and actually okay for me to admit. You can read the article HERE.

Today’s card explores orange shades with a yummy new neutral called Pebbled Path. Let’s get started!


  • Stamps: Flowing Flowers, Forever Fern, and a sentiment Bossy Joscie made for me
  • Ink: Petal Pink, Mango Melody, Pumpkin Pie, Pebbled Path
  • Paper: Basic White Note Cards


  1. You don’t have to do this but I score my Note Cards along the existing score line at 3-1/2″ because I can see it better and it folds more crisply IMHO. Leave your Note Card flat throughout the process of stamping everything front, inside, and even on the back of the card if you have a personalized stamp like I do.
  2. Ink up the largest floral image in Petal Pink and stamp in the upper left corner allowing some of the image to drift onto the back of the card
  3. Ink up in Petal Pink again and stamp just a little of the image to the right of that as shown
  4. Continue inking up in Petal Pink and stamp the envelope flap a couple of different directions; don’t worry if your image drifts onto the front of the envelope
  5. Ink up the floral cluster in Mango Melody and stamp the lower right corner of the outside, and also inside the card
  6. Ink up the splatter image from Forever Fern in Pumpkin Pie and scatter where your heart leads inside, outside, and onto the envelope flap
  7. Ink up your chosen sentiment in Pebbled Path and stamp about two-thirds of the way down and to the right side of the card face
  8. Ink up your personalized stamp in Pebbled Path and stamp the back side of your card right in the center
  9. NOW YOU CAN FOLD YOUR CARD: Using your bone folder, close the card and burnish the fold crisply

Note Cards & Envelopes come 20 to a package. If you’re not stamping a whole package at a time, you have the opportunity to stamp 4 at a time and get five different kinds of cards. These are “Just a Note”, and I still have enough cards to make a set of “Birthday”, another set of “Thinking of You”, another set of “Thank You”, and another set of “You’re On My Mind”. Note Cards & Envelopes come in Basic White and Very Vanilla for just $7.00 per package.

Do you use Note Cards, or do you prefer A2 sized? Leave me a comment!

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