Gardening News: building a pocket park

Getting healthy this year, I’ve decided that the blah blah blah of “this isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle” has got to make sense to me. I am not going to go to the gym every day and zone out on a treadmill. I’m just not! My exercise is coming from gardening and that means full body work out and building muscle.

When I adopted this 30 foot by 30 foot area to build a pocket park I was very cautious to not offend anyone who had had it before me. All of those seniors that built the Horticulture Club into what it is today are to be honored and appreciated! However, I could tell that just helter skelter planting from donations didn’t have a place in this one section, so I gave all the iris to the Iris SIG (Special Interest Group) and set about marking places for tall and short plants.

The five gallon pots mark where a flower variety will grow to be quite tall and wide. The one gallon pots are going to be shorter varieties, but still work for a cutting garden.

This side of the garden will be planted in the same way. Four more varieties.

This side of the bed already has some existing plants, but there’s room to add three more varieties. I like to plant in odd numbers, but with the existing gomphrena there between and 8 and 10 pots, I don’t have the space for a third.

The garden beds that you don’t see in this post are a mirror of the curve you see here and already has quite a few things in it. These two curves are built around a huge oak tree.  I don’t know how old the tree is, but it’s gorgeous and wonderful to sit under. And just the perfect place to add to my fairy garden!

If you have a truck and love spending my money, volunteer! We’ll have a blast!  Oh, and I have already hired the labor to plant the pots.  I don’t have the back for that any more, especially in this awful soil!

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