How to Use a Full Card Idea for Note Cards

This year I have been experimenting around with taking a full card idea and turning them into Note Cards. It makes sense that what fits on that stamped panel we’ve been making should be able to translate to Note Cards, and they have!

As I finished A2 cards for #mailitmonday I continued to stamp a few Note Cards to tip my favorite people. It has grown from there that I make even more to send as Thank You cards when you purchase from me. I’ve done this before, when Flowing Flowers stamp set was available this spring. To everyone that purchased the stamp set from me, I mailed three different cards made with the set.

While getting ready for the Hill Country Arts & Craft Fair early November, I decided to add a few blank Note Card sets to the Card Makers display to see whether they sell well. I created packets of three cards & envelopes, stamped inside and out and the envelope, and will see not only whether they sell, but when they sell out to know if we should do it again next year!

Product List

As you can see from the table of products used above, this is a very economical way to go, right? Look at how tidy your supply closet would be with just a few things like this ….. just like my Kitchen Nook stamping area shown below! With Stamp-n-Storage units for my ink pads (and my much-loved punches), I can create cards with little to no scrap pieces left over!

When you make a purchase from Stamp-n-Storage using my links, I earn a small commission without your having to pay anything more than you normally would. That little bit of income helps me keep my website and my email service paid for each year. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to share my teaching, ideas, helps, or tool tips! So, thank you, whoever you are! (I never know who is making a purchase because ultimately you are customers of Stamp-n-Storage.) Are you the one I should be thanking?

Leave me a comment below and let me know if you have Stamp-n-Storage in your stamping area, or have some special item on your wish list!

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  1. I always smile when you point out something that should be so obvious and I never thought about it. Such as discovering that what we stamp on an A2 front panel will fit on a notecard! Thank you for pointing out things that should have been obvious but didn’t “light the bulb”!

    1. Hooray!!! They make such sweet little cards. I tip my service people with one they can mail and the tip inside.