How To Keep Your Rhinestones in a Straight Line

Do you remember how to keep your rhinestones in a straight line? YEARS ago and I mean MANY YEARS ago I bought this paper piercing tool and a mat pack. These three things work for paper piercing without gouging your table, but the “stencil” part of it helps you pierce holes in a nice straight row.

Be careful to only lightly pierce if you’re piercing the layer after the card is completely finished. Ask me how I know to be extra careful, and shallow! With these tiny holes, you’re ready to attach the Champagne Rhinestones in a straight row.

The most popular thing lately is to “scatter” embellishments like these and sequins, and that’s a pretty option, too, This mat pack is easily ten years old! A paper piercing tool and even a ruler can help. Be sure to piece your layer before you assemble your card guts.

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