Using a Tool We All Have For 100% Success

While I started making cards for the Arts & Craft Fair, I had a lot of card “fronts” donated. But, oh dear, they didn’t fit on a card base! Die cut additions hung over the side and wouldn’t fit into an envelope without folding. These failures make me sad for the generous card maker who didn’t realize, and I knew they would be crushed.

Break out the Stampartus and let’s line up the lower left corner. Or, whatever side of the card panel where a die cut will be placed. In this case, I had these lovely, airy snowflakes that I wanted to protect there on the left.

These card panels were made to ALMOST cover the face of the Christmas card, but not quite. Check back in the next blog post for the full tutorial for all the measurements and a lesson in what adhesive will make you happiest.

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