How To Make a Box for A2 Cards

One of the things that I've been meaning to get around to for almost a YEAR is showing you How To Make a Box For A2 Cards. Today is the day!

When I make a box for cards, I measure the envelope, not the card.  

Be patient with yourself as you make your first few boxes because it gets easier and quicker. In fact, see those cut outs up there? I make them on the ends instead of the sides when working with window sheet now that I've had some practice.

When you cut your card stock the same size for top and bottom, the box bottom will not be showing when the lid is on. If you want to show off a two toned box, determine how much of the bottom you want showing (1/2" or more) and double that number, subtract it from your measurments, and you'll show 1/2" all around. 

Where you apply the adhesive matters a lot! If you just use a little in the middle of the flaps, your box sides will pull away and show your construction. It might also catch on something and pull away. Tight and sharp, your Keepsake of Kindness will last a long time!

Follow these same instructions for the lid. Once your lid is complete, embellish away! Decorate the lid, wrap with a bow, make an extravagant tag with lots of layers and 3D embellishments. The wrapping/packaging is as much a gift as the contents of the box!

I love making gifts of cards!  I will include return address labels and pretty postage when making "I've Just Moved" cards, a cute little package of tissues for those tears, gift card to Starbucks … make your gift a beautiful example of your loving thoughts and have fun with it!

Would you like actual measurements for a box?  Leave me a comment and let me know how deep you need your box to be and how much of the box bottom you want showing!

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