Throwback Thursday Post

Throwback Thursday post: Journaling scriptures as assigned by @swtblessshan each month changed the way I do business, prioritize my day, guide my family, and give. 

I can't help but wonder if God knew what was in store this year when He changed everything last year. Now that we're selling the house, building a new one, downsizing, and focusing on what is really important to us and our family mission, I have to admit I don't think anything is a coincidence!

Want to know more about this?  Here is a link to the BLOG POST LAST YEAR.

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  1. I believe everything happens for a reason, God's Plan! BTW, I bookmarked Sweet Blessings that you shared with me but I have yet to start the Scripture Writing Plan. I'm sure once I start and make it a habit, it will be something I'll look forward to every morning. 🙂 

    1. Thankfully, Robin kept after me for months until I finally felt led to start February 1, 2016. Then, day after day, the excitement just continued to build, things became clear, plans came together …. it was VERY exciting!  I'm sure if you find a month's theme that appeals to you, you will start, too.