Getting Started Bundle

Because I’m focusing on clients who are card-senders, I created the “Getting Started Bundle” that includes literally everything they need to go home and make a card.

A lot of these people have never stamped before and instead of spending several hundreds of dollars on everything in the catalog and still not have any way to cut their cardstock into card bases, the Getting Started Bundle includes Note Cards and Envelopes, and a versatile stamp set. Buyers of this bundle also get three free classes training them on everything from the basics to tools.

People who make cards do so to put them in the mail. They want someone to receive sweetness in their day, not just obligation, duty, and junk (mailboxes AND life in general). Card makers have a certain heart and I want to have those people in my life. We are like a service-related Club. We spread hope, encouragement, and love.

I have named this club The Dandelion Society. I have gathered card makers and card senders around me. In turn, they have gathered card makers and card senders around them. Just as you can blow on the seeds of a dandelion head and see them swirl and travel on the wind, our cards twirl and whirl through the mail to land in someone else’s mailbox and plant kindness and caring.

Contact me today to get your Getting Started Bundle, and join The Dandelion Society!

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  1. I LOVE this Celia! What an amazing idea and concept of using the "Dandelion" to spread the joy of not only being a card sender but to plant the seed of a future card maker! The Dandelion Society is the perfect name for Celia's Paper Garden! LOVE IT! Kathy is right, the Starter Kit is a brilliant idea! 

  2. I love the name Dandelion Society! The way you describe it is wonderful…whirl and twirl through the mail! How fun! The Starter Kit is a brilliant idea!