Let’s Make An A2 Christmas Card Do More

I think I’ve mentioned in the past that much of what we stamp onto a card panel easily translates into a Note Card, so let’s take the Christmas card we made last month and turn it into a Gift Card Holder. You can see the A2 card IN THIS POST HERE.

I have never recommended using a Note Card for a Gift Holder before, but they are the perfect size and mail through the Postal Service with a single stamp.

Note cards this time of year just make so much sense! I haven’t stamped anything inside the cards to reserve room for writing a few sentences. I’ve also ordered another special stamp set that is FULL of great sentiments about the season, so I’m going to have to be careful how much I have to say.

Remember this project using the Stamparatus to get the whole card design off with universal placement of the Flowing Flowers stamp set? You can find that ORIGINAL POST HERE.

Make friends with your Stamparatus. Really, you need to realize that this tool is something you will use every day for one thing or another. In today’s Note Cards, I’m using it to keep my sentiment straight and in the same place every time. And if I need to stamp a second time for solid inking, I am sure to line things up.

All the foliage I stamped on these little jewels could be freehand stamped, so I did – and there are four different stamps used from the Christmas Season stamp set. Here’s how I’m going to use a full package of 20 Note Cards:

  • Thank You cards to my service providers from hairdresser to housekeeping
  • Keeping in touch with far away cousins
  • Ding Dong Dash gifting to my Block 3 Neighbors*
  • InstaCart delivery people and my landscaping crew get gift cards
  • The trash and recycling guys will get some cash

I’m pretty sure if you think about all those that provide service to you many would be blown away with a little note with or without a fiver slipped inside (wink) Think about your grocery checker and barista!

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