How to Write a Handwritten Note

In my blog post today, I want to talk about Lindsey’s lesson on How to Make a Beautiful Handwritten Note inside our Card Ministry cards. Lindsey’s website is “The Postman’s Knock” and is all about handwriting, beautiful handwriting, and specifically calligraphy. She’s actually the largest website in the world teaching calligraphy!

I have been a big fan of The Postman’s Knock for years! I actually took a Calligraphy course in 2018* just because I wanted to be able to address my envelopes with her calligraphy skills. In my blog post today, I want to talk about Lindsey’s lesson on writing a Handwritten Note inside our Card Ministry cards.

When we make our cards, please take time to write a little something inside. I’ve received so many cards with a stamped sentiment (or printed) inside and just a signature. After 40+ years, I lost a friend following her divorce and the last Christmas card I got from her was one of those with her name pre-printed inside. “Love, Jeannie” and it was pre-printed. Divorce after 43 years of marriage is heart crushing and that, right there, told me she was terribly broken. My heart aches for her still.

So, let’s get down to handwriting! Lindsey has a couple of free downloads that will help you write on a straight line. One of them gives me an idea to get a light table to see if I can see through the thickness of a Note Card using light. What do you think?

Lindsey’s article “Does Handwriting Matter? struck home in that I have letters from my Great-Aunt Vi that show her loosing eyesight. When she was finally unable to see at all, my Daddy and I recorded cassette letters to her (you can tell how long ago that was!!!). I treasure the handwritten notes and letters from Vi and so many others. Read her article of how handwriting is a holistic activity! That article is filled with fun facts and a lesson on ways to improve your handwriting.

So, what do you think? Stamp a sentiment inside and let it go as that, or are you writing 2-3 sentences? Leave me a comment and let me know what you do!

  • I failed, by the way. I never learned how to do calligraphy so I sometimes with use script handwriting to write your name on an envelope, and then print the street address. I think that’s got to be my signature “calligraphy”, right? ha ha ha ha ha!

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  1. I loved this post and am determined to make it a point to write more in my cards. I am going to follow the links and I hope I learn more that will help. Thanks Celia!!

    1. Last year I did a google search and sure enough, Hallmark had an article on “What to Say In a Greeting Card!” Good luck!

  2. Thank your for your invitation to The Postman’s Knock! What a wonderful rabbit hole that will be to go down! My handwriting used to be beautiful; I worked very hard perfecting it. However, essential tremors has robbed me of that skill. Now I am lucky to get legible words on a card. What I learned by reading the post you linked is to try harder to write straight…that will be my goal.

    1. Oh, Kathy! I never would have thought of essential tremors!!! Aunt Vi had something similar as well as blindness. You have given me an idea for another blog post about something another friend has started with her card making. It will help us all.