Merry Christmoose Pizza Boxes for Tea Bag Gifting

I haven’t made these little Pizza Boxes for so many years, I re-made the PDF instructions specific to this box. You can find that HERE. This little box was shared with the email subscribers during our 12 Weeks of Christmas this year.

This Pizza Box is a design I made up myself through lots of trial and error. There are a lot of Pizza Box lessons on the internet, but they are all square. This was made for handing out at the 2015 or 2016 Convention in Salt Lake City, and I haven’t made any since then, so this was fun! I follow Nadine Koller on Instagram and she’s always using punches to layer up an embellishment, so I pulled out three here.

When you make a box, the key to having it look good is burnishing the folds with a bone folder to make the edges very crisp. I mention this to point out that when you score a line, fold the paper in the opposite direction. We create a “worm” of raised card on the other side of the paper. It seems counterintuitive to fold with the crease on the inside, so we’ve started calling this “burying the worm” to help you remember.

Also, if you decide to make your box out of Designer Series Paper, don’t burnish the folds because you will split the paper and tear it. Just fold with your hands. Give it a go! The boxes hold up to four tea bags.

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