Rubber Stamp is Simple Art, Actually

When it comes down to actually USING inks, I find it easier to stay within a handful of colors. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a rainbow of colors in front of me to brighten the area. I just don’t reach for Maroon or Purple.

This card was my most popular card of 2021, and, as it turns out, of all time in my Instagram feed. I will be making more of these in a full A2 card this week, and will add in Mango Melody. I also love Soft Saffron, though it doesn’t photograph well, it is quite pretty in real life.

Speaking of favorites, using a stamp positioning tool makes me very happy to get at least the sentiment and main image stamped straight and in the same place on more than one card. I use both the Stamparatus and the MISTI for different jobs.

Below is a Clean and Simple card where creating a panel (popped up on just four Dimensionals) allowed me a colored card stock for the base.

This is favorite size for a stamped panel. I can get 8 pieces from a single sheet of card stock. I first cut the colored card pieces.

Save the 1/2″ strip there from the right side and you can use it for sentiments.

I cut the white card stock the same way, but then I cut 1/8″ off the height and width for it to fit on the colored piece. Or, just use white without a colored mat. Nothing says you have to have a colored mat.

White on white is pretty with my favorite colors. I’ll show you an embellishment I like later this week. I’ve embossed this panel using Subtle embossing folder, and there are many other things that work, like die-cutting this top panel with a fancy edge.

While I explore the simple side of Rubber Stamp Art, I hope you subscribe to the blog posts so you don’t miss free teaching!

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  1. I always enjoy your posts. I like the color combinations you choose, simple stamping that looks so elegant and how you manage to have very little paper left over, if any!
    Thank you for taking the time to share what you love!

    1. Thank you so much Linda! I’m working on a PDF “book” of all my measurements and layouts. Not only using up all the cardstock, but sending out lots of cards!

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