See One, Do One, Teach One

I love teaching cardmaking and very much like everything I've ever learned, I have found that teaching is just "See One, Do One, Teach One."  Easy as that!

Linda O'Connor-2

When I teach my Card Corsage technique, I have created a proven method for making 4 cards in 30 minutes. Imagine my joy when students go home and make more cards with what they already own!  That's what it's all about! See your existing products in a new light, get them out, and have FUN in your studio!

If you live in the Pflugerville area, be sure to drop me a note letting me know you want to learn the formula. I'm going to finish up a class series on July 7th and we'll be looking for another class to start within a couple of weeks of that date. We need to get the lessons down before the Holiday cardmaking season begins, right? (By the end of the 4-class series, you will have made 16 cards)

Write to me: Celia[at] just replace [at] with the @ symbol

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