Sending Cards a Lost Art?

Do you think Sending Cards is a Lost Art? The people at the counter at the post office today said that the Christmas card load is waaaaay down. Hardly ever have anyone come in with a bucket of cards to mail like I just did, unless they are sending business cards to their clients.

I finished my Christmas card making yesterday with the arrival of about 4 pounds of postage stamps.  In the envelope of my shipment was a stamp collector's catalog of possibilities.  I think that means I ordered enough stamps to qualify as a collector?

I order the Floral Garden stamps 100 at a time for my customer card stamps, cards to my Team Members every month, and for The Dandelion Society cards.

I ordered some Love stamps for birthday cards.

I had to order some Snoopy stamps for paying our winter bills.

And then, as a special thing for our oldest daughter, I bought the collection of Wonder Woman stamps! It'll be a fun surprise.

If you are a card sender, do you buy your stamps at the post office or order them online?

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  1. I go to a postal outlet.  I like to choose my own and get new & different ones.

    i send cards but since most of my friends are on Facebook and know what we've been doing over the past year, not much need of a "letter"!  I just love to get personal mail instead of junk.  I think others do too.

    1. You might be surprised, Julie. Getting a piece of real mail isn't just for those far away. In fact, my neighbor and nearby friends get tickled when I send them a card! Make it personal, mention something specific to them, … and let me know how it turns out!

  2. I always go to the post office as I like to see all the designs and then I pick out the ones that I really like.  Online just seems to impersonable.