SUNDAY SHARE: Some Of You Have Noticed …

I have a new style for my website, and some of you have noticed! Let me catch you up to a few decisions that had to be made recently, all related to my having Covid in 2020, and some of which was written about in one of my SUNDAY SHARE posts about AutoImmune Protocol.

WHAT YOU REMEMBER: Several years ago I started sending handfuls of cards to people I knew needed some happy mail. This year I have worked to gather together all of us that do the same thing and we’re calling ourselves The Dandelion Society. Kitchen Table Ministry and creating Keepsakes of Kindness is my purpose in retirement!

WHAT HAPPENED WITH COVID: Terrible health scare, but no hospitalizations. Plus, we moved across Sun City in September.

BUT ALONG CAME: AutoImmune Protocol, which I wrote about in a SUNDAY SHARE HERE. Stress reduction, Rest, Hydration, Exercise, and last but not least, Diet. The whole protocol is to reduce INFLAMMATION, not irritability. Let’s start with reducing stress and increasing joy!.

What that means is that my website needed to be changed to what sparks joy: teaching you how to save time and money, but easier for me to blog, while keeping your Happy Mail flowing. The Kadence Framework “Education” Page came to my rescue! Wanna see what this does? The link is packed with helpful tips on why the Kadence Framework is perfect for small business owners that want an easy-to-customize website. We also have a video on the page where I talk about why I switched from Genesis to Kadence. Having a website and a blog has never been easier and you don’t have to be a geek to be good at this!

The Restored 316 “Start Here” Page outlines five steps for getting started with Restored 316. Take a look! Fun website looks and sooooo pretty! You can sign up for a 10% off coupon in Step 1. If you’re a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator in my network of Team Members, I have probably already built your website from the ground up.

The focus of my website going forward is about making cards in numbers higher than one at a time. “4 Cards in 30 Minutes” is an online course I wrote to give you measurements and step-by-step photographs that prove you can save time and money. The course gets you over the math difficulties. Buy the course, make all the cards in all the lessons, and then join me here in blog posts to learn beautiful layouts and easy layers making Keepsakes of Kindness!

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