Tiny Home, Massive Ministry

I have talked about how little space is needed for a full Kitchen Table Ministry, and finally had the opportunity to show a Tiny Home, Massive Ministry in action! Someone took me up on my offer to come style her chaos, and here’s what we put together.

The Stamp-n-Storage units are found in INK PAD STORAGE, PAPER PUNCH STORAGE, and SHELVES. I’ve linked everything directly to Stamp-n-Storage website for you. Take a look and keep measurements in mind if you are styling a small space that’s massively functional! for instance:

  • Space in your RV
  • Converted closet
  • Small bedroom
  • Shared space in the den
  • Getting started with card making

If you use a Big Shot for die-cutting or embossing, there’s room under this table. However, using Note Cards and Envelopes means you aren’t cutting layers of paper. To pop images up or even sentiments, take a look at how many punches this unit holds! I’m actually having fun making a handful of Christmas cards with the Beary Cute bundle and will share that soon.

Many years ago I wrote a story about My Little Yellow House of Healing, and experienced that cozy hug in the tiny home I just styled this month. This homeowner has enough room at this kitchen table to send out 400+ cards per year using Note Cards and Envelopes (item #159232 for basic white, item #144236 for very vanilla, $8.00 for 20 cards and envelopes). We organized her space in just a half hour and she went from PILES everywhere to this!

So, here’s my question to you this month: Are you looking for a purpose to life? Are you wondering about leaving a legacy? It’s October and it’s early to be thinking about New Year’s Resolutions but from what I’m seeing on Social Media I think the timing is NOW. Design a purpose around making cards with me just once a month. On the 25th of each month I get out a new package of Note Cards and Envelopes and stamp all 2o of them to use the next month: Thinking of You is a GREAT card to have on hand, and who says you have to use the entire stack at once? Have cards left over you haven’t mailed? Hang onto them and create a “stash” you can dive into the minute you receive God’s niggling to reach out.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you’d like to add purpose to your card making. I’ll email you back and we can chat!

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  1. What a cute, cozy stamping spot! You have inspired me to (once again) clean off my desk to use for card making! I love my Stamp-n-Storage units! So much organization in a small space!

    1. Minimal supplies are needed to put love and caring into the mail, and she reminded me of the excitement many people feel when getting something other than advertisements or bills. As card makers ourselves, it is easy to forget that what we are making pales in comparison to what the recipient feels when reading your handwritten “letter”. Just seeing the envelope mixed in with everything else gives feelings of joy! I need to remember that when I’m making 20 cards in that one sitting on the 25th of each month!