How to Make Sentiment Banners Quick and Easy

I’ve taught frequently about making 4 Cards in 30 Minutes, and now I want to show you How to Make Sentiment Banners Quick and Easy. It helps to know a few tricks to get those cards made in just a half hour, and this technique will help you when you are making multiples in higher numbers. Is it too soon to think about Christmas?

Making the cards just a little more fancy doesn’t have to take more time. In fact, with this method, you could use up all your white strips of cardstock by making these sentiment banners ahead of time and just hold them off to the side of your work space to use any time.

Let’s get started:

I’ve cut my strips longer than I need for the card on purpose because I’ll snip the length off even with the side of card later. You can easily get three banners out of an 11″ strip cut off the side of your white panels.

It’s a little tricky to center a strip less than the one inch “valley” provided for guidelines, but not impossible.  I slide my strip in all the way to the back, and onto one side just so that it is straight. Then, “walk” it out into the middle of that valley, keeping it straight.

Flagging the ends of your sentiment banners ahead of time keeps you from clipping off words later. Ask me how I know, wink wink!

Use your stamp positioning tool to get those sentiments aligned perfectly. Using the corner of your stamp positioning tool to line them up means you will have everything lined up the same way. I love my baby MISTI for making the banners!

Take your clean stamp and line it up on the banner right where you want it.  You can see that I’ve placed my sentiment close to the flagged end. That’s because I will clip some of that banner off after it’s attached to my card.

Close the lid and pick up the stamp as it adheres to the lid.  Ink up, and go!

Best reason to have a stamp positioning tool includes the fact that should I ink up too lightly at one end, I can ink up and stamp again. Alignment has been taken care of. For this reason, ink up as lightly as you can to avoid inking up rubber that you don’t want transferring to your project. Even I end up with ink “shadow” more often than I like. Be gentle! You can always stamp a second time.

I use this sentiment a lot. This is another one of the stamps that Bossy Joscie made for me this year.  There are quite a few sentiments that I like to have on hand, and I can’t remember what stamp set it’s in, nor can I find it in a jiffy, so I contacted Joscie and we worked to create my own stamp set ,all the same font and size, all of which fit across the 4-1/4″ width of a portrait layout on an A2 card. I love it!

I had the pleasure of teaching How to Make Sentiment Banners Quick and Easy in the Card Making SIG this week and I can’t wait to get them all in the classroom again next week! Does this help any of you?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

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