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I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, making plans for what I would be doing now that we’ve moved to Sun City Texas.  If you follow me on Pinterest you already know that I have some interests that aren’t just paper crafting. In fact, I have a hard time just paper crafting if there is no purpose for what I’m creating. I don’t just make a single card when I can create 8 at a time in just under an hour, for instance.

Some of what you’ll be seeing on the blog this year includes my actual gardening.  Here at the house I’m going to create an oasis of flowers and colorful shrubs to attract butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, and all the songbirds.  Over at the Horticulture Club I’m doing three things: running the Nursery, tending a 143 square foot garden of vegetables, and I’ve taken over one of the Pocket Parks to grow everything you need to fill a vase of flowers.

I’m still the alternate Director for the Austin chapter of Cavalier Rescue USA and will share my Toby’s adventures as well as any new foster I take in. I’ll be sharing pictures here and on Instagram, and try not to just take pictures of Toby snoring! We love running around town (inside Sun City limits) in our golf cart, so you’ll get to see some pictures as the seasons change out here. It’s SUCH a pretty place to live!

I’m searching for a couple of new monthly swap groups, so my goal is to blog about those cards and paper crafting on Monday and Thursday. I’m also in the Cardmaking SIG (Special Interest Group) here in Sun City so I have projects that I’ll be toting with me to that studio three Wednesdays out of the month.  I’ll take pictures and share those projects here.  Measurements and dimensions will be shared with my subscribers.

I love to cook when there’s a reason, so I’ll be sharing the recipes I’m cooking with the fresh, organic vegetables right from my garden. My neighbors are 46% single and I would love to share dishes with those who hate cooking for one. This blog has the ability to make blog posts into recipe sharing, so stick with me as I figure that out.

Last but not least, I have come too close to diabetes to be careless any longer. I am losing weight and getting fit.  I may or may not share that journey with you.  I’d have to hear from you to see whether my pictures would interest you, and maybe share what I’m cooking, eating, how far I’m walking, and what my workouts look like.  Trust me, a lot of my working out will be with a shovel!

So, leave a comment here and let me know if you are out there, blog world.  It’s so awkward to just speak out into the world wide web!

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  1. I am struggling with diabetes and having problems with getting old i.e. Balance, tightening muscles, etc. I would love to see what you’re doing to lose weight and keep fit.

    1. I have been threatened with diabetes recently, so my Wednesday posts once a month will be covering all those bases!

  2. I always enjoy your blogs! I dont garden because I do not have a green thumb. I melted plastic flowers in my yard in Arizona once ! Imagine what I would do with real flowers! I too am diabetic so I would love your ideas on loosing weight and healthy cooking. So in a nut shell, I love to read your blog.

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