Kitchen Table Ministry Organization

Since I resigned from Stampin’ Up! I have organized and cleaned my Nook in between doing loads of laundry. DistINKtive stamp sets are still my very favorite kind of stamps, and they are the most efficient for my Wednesday session of stamping for the Kitchen Table Ministry. I’m thrilled to have found so many in my stash!

Red rubber makes the best DistINKtive image, but photopolymer does a pretty good job. I’m using older and retired sets that are sometimes available on eBay in a condition of new, never used! If you can find them, grab them. If you can’t find them at a good price, let me know which ones you are looking for. I bought several sets of the really good ones and have them for sale here on my blog bundled with packages of Note Cards.

I also have quite a few retired ink pads because I adore a good color, and these ink pads are surprisingly saturated. My favorite ink pads are foam rather than felt and they are easy to use if you remember that the deeper you press into the pad, the more rubber you are inking, and the more blobs of mess will transfer to your card stock. Rule of thumb: TAP LIGHTLY into the ink pad and you are safe to have a full press into your card panel. Use scrap paper to test out your application ….. it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Kind of the stampers versions of Measure Twice, Cut Once.

You might be surprised to know that I have very few basic pieces of equipment in my card making. Most of the tools are kept in this jelly jar. Bone folder, scissors, stamp cleaning stuff including a toothbrush, and a clear-drying hard glue to attach linen thread or twine bows. When I rearranged my inks to the right side of the Nook, I split the space between the Punch Holder and Ink Combo Holder. The book on the left holds all my Note Card creations in a scrapbook. The glues that I use are snugged into the remaining space. On either side of the Paper Holders up there in the cabinets are where I store my stamp positioning tool, and the scrubbie stamp cleaner.

I have a few ideas for organizing your card ministry that I’m working on. I am so old school that I create on my old PC and then save them as PDFs. I transfer them on a flash drive to this laptop so I can add them to my Media Files, so it takes me a little bit of time but here’s what I am working on:

  • What To Say When ….. Sympathy <– Now Available
  • Walking The Grief Journey Together
  • What To Say When ….. Illness
  • Names and Addresses of Recipients Monthly

I will get all three of these ready this month and will add them to my email list as soon as each are finished. Each one can be printed out double-sided and folded in half to create a booklet. You can tuck that into your Bible or Prayer Journal.

Sending you hugs and prayers for God’s blessings abundant!

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  1. I like how neat and clean your “creating space” is. A place for everything. Very appealing.

    1. I love the improvement of whittling down to the necessities. I kept things like Cutest Cows and the Bumblebee sets, and all my silly chicken sets, and all the best DistINKtive Christmas sets, too! It took MONTHS deciding what to keep until I decided the shelf above my color collection would hold the essential sets. The rest happened very quickly and ruthlessly, ha ha!

  2. I am very interested in your What to say when!!! I really struggle with what to say when someone is grieving a loss or is chronically ill. Since I am currently walking through a valley of grief, I am paying special attention to what people do that helps and what could be best left unsaid. I am looking forward to your future posts on the subject. I always enjoy seeing the cards you make and feel privileged when I receive one in the mail.