Rave Reviews on This Card

Copied straight out of the catalog, I have been getting rave reviews on this card:

I used the same technique we’ve done before, creating a wallpaper of background stamping.

Same idea masking off, too.

About the middle of last year I created some card stock pieces that help me figure out the sizes of the pieces that go into a card.

I use them ALL THE TIME!

I also used two tricks that I love when making a layered card front like this.  First, I’ve used a stapler to capture all these layers together to stay in place forever.  “Hurricane Proof” as you’ve heard me say in class a lot!  Also, I know you want to adhere your vellum pieces without the adhesive showing, so I’ve used two strips of Tear and Tape adhesive hidden behind the green and white layers.

If you received a catalog from me, you received this card with my mini newsletter full of instructions on the layer measurements.  This is the completed card:

If you are interested in making a few card stock pieces to help you with the layering, let me know.  I’ve got some hints!

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