Trying Out The New Photos

Before I upload all the photographs from my phone, I need a blog most for trying out the new photos. I need to see if they are going to be too large, or auto-fit, so here goes:

I bought vegetable seeds for all kinds of my favorites, and had no idea I would get 100% germination.  This has been a bountiful season, for sure!  My neighbors are eating a lot of salads and smoothies.

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  1. The photos came out great. The veggies look delicious. What a green thumb you have!
    I am so glad for you that you are finding such joy in your new place.

    1. We are loving it here Madge! I’m off to the gardens today to water and see how the beets are coming along.

    1. Thank you! This is very good news in that I can shoot pictures, edit them with a free phone app, upload to the blog and the child theme you and I have sizes them for us!