Sometimes We Need Their Eyes

I just had a delightful conversation with the Postmaster in Florence, TX this morning that illustrates how amazing our tools actually are. Let me share!

I’ve been going 9 miles west to the post office in Florence instead of even THINKING about getting on the freeway to our Georgetown post office 14 miles east and south.  I can’t stand I-35.  This is a small, single counter, post office where you might be able to buy fresh eggs while you’re there.  Tiny.

Last month I was mailing a handful of cards.  You know me.  I mail wads of cards at a time and not only was the Postmaster intrigued by that many cards that had nothing to do with a holiday or birthday, he told me that making cards was a lost art. I offered, and he agreed, that the next time I had a lot to mail I would bring him a card to show what I’ve been making.

What are you picturing? An old man? Someone who mailed love letters to his sweetheart from overseas? Nope! I think he’s about 30 years old! This is the card I showed him yesterday:

He was fascinated that we could die cut these pieces. He wanted to know about the embossed panel, and was amazed that “the paper didn’t come that way already.” He couldn’t get over it! Without another customer in line he turned the card over in his hands and delicately touched every piece and asked lots of questions.

Sometimes it’s a very good thing to see through another person’s eyes.

EDIT:  I’ve already gotten a couple of questions about why I would be at the post office with handfuls of cards that AREN’T Christmas related.  You can read more about that IN THIS POST.




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  1. This is so cool. I take every opportunity to talk about snail mail and hand made cards, but I also liberally mail non handmade cards too. Your cards are beautiful and I’m looking forward to following your blog (found you initially on IG). Thanks for sharing the beautiful paper art!

    1. Thank you, Melanie! I’m mostly on IG these days as it’s so easy to post there, versus the challenge of blogging. I appreciate you taking time to comment!

  2. What even amazes me more is the fact this was a male. Not to sound sexist; but most men don’t appreciate the beautify and process of hand made cards. What a wonderful experience. And also, what a beautiful card!

    1. Right? I’ve had a WOMAN postal worker in Kerrville throw the card back at me stating she hated cards like “that”, so this was such a blessing. What a nice guy!