How to Get Perfect Placement in a Hurry!

Knowing how to get perfect placement of your Designer Series Paper in a hurry can save a lot of tears. You know how it is … people know you make cards so you can’t send them something from a boxed set, right? Just when your expectations of your holiday prep couldn’t get any more stressful, now you have to make cards. And then decide who gets one, and who doesn’t.

Get your Stamparatus out and work along with me because those walled sides are great for perfect placement every time. You can make a couple dozen cards using this sketch, just a page and a half of DSP, and you won’t have to decide who DOESN’T GET A CARD!

I came up with this card using retired Whimsey & Wonder DSP and then was hit with the problem of getting the strips in the right place, straight, and consistent. Yikes! I wrestled for hours and even mocked one up that was awful! And then my engineering brain figured it out.

Use a shim! I made several, and the 1-1/4″ shim was “Goldilocks Just Right.” Snug the card panel into the corner of the Stamparatus with or without a magnet (I didn’t need one). Then, lay that shim shug into the corner, too. Glue the back of your strip with just the tiniest amount and hold for two seconds.

Putting the left strip in place was first and then I had a little flipped stomach realizing that long strip was going to be in the way. So, flip it! Flip 90 degrees to the other side of the Stamparatus to place the second strip. Snug into the corner, snug the shim into place, and repeat the gluing of the strip.

This cool little tool, plus shims you make out of your scrap strips, will help you make a set of cards quick, easy, and without frustration. And there’s more! Let me show you how to make card faces where every element fits inside the face of the card base … and your envelope … without crinkles.

See you next time!

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