How Do You Approach a Church for Permission?

I came up with an idea last month, and put it into action a couple of weeks ago.

I have time and energy enough to participate in an existing Card Ministry nearby. I wanted to see what they thought about my Clean and Simple style, especially using Stamps, Ink, and Paper instead of paper piecing cards as I’ve seen a lot of. Believe me, I was going in fully accepting of a NO!

Until this weekend, I was using a box full of cards. I now have an album where I can put all the Note Cards as well as an A2 card using the same stamps, ink, paper, and layout on a panel that can be popped up, wrapped with ribbon, and as shown (last year’s Christmas cards). These layers are die cut with Deckled Edge Rectangle dies, and the post about making them can be found HERE.

Not only did I get accepted into the Card Ministry, I was able to surprise a bunch of ladies with the simple joy of Rubber Stamp Art. They turned things over in their hands and had a lot of questions about coloring. They are used to spending a lot of time hand cutting (the tool drawer had 15 pair of snips and a half dozen fancy edge sheers). They had nothing but wood mount sentiments and images that were literally hard baked red rubber. We are pretty much starting from scratch. Even their paper trimmers were old and dull bladed.

If you are going to use my instructions on creating a Card Ministry in your church, you would enjoy having this photo album that I bought on Amazon. The pockets are large enough for Note Cards and the envelopes.

I will buy some circle stickers to number the pockets. This way we can reference a list of people getting any particular card. Their prayer list is extensive! So well managed, you can see whether they are on the list for Surgery, Loneliness, Death in the family, etc. I think they have 7 different categories.

If you need help getting started, please know that you can email me and I’d love to answer questions, make suggestions, work with you in creating your samples, and more. Card Ministry is so needed!

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  1. I’m glad that the ladies at the church where able to appreciate all that you have to offer. Keep up the good work!