Learning About the Autoimmune Protocol

While I was too sick to raise my head off the bed last year, I discovered something called the Autoimmune Protocol through quite a few websites. Now, more than a year later, I have become comfortable with a new schedule and meal plan. And that’s not all: I have found more energy, anxiety is rare, I’ve lowered my blood pressure, and normalized my blood sugar. I only take Synthroid and a baby aspirin a day.

The protocol includes a lot more than just the foods. Sleep, over hydrating while healing, eliminating all stressors during the healing period … it’s a completely overhauled life. And it’s pleasant, too. The food list is HUGE and encourages butter over commercially manufactured oils, so that’s a plus for me!

AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) Diet: Overview, Food List, and Guide. My advice, if you read this article, is skip right past all the food to be eliminated and go directly to the list of what *is* allowed because it’s better to just start planning from the enormous possibilities. Like a NY Strip Steak and baked sweet potato with real butter and cinnamon! Think paleo diet, but don’t go there. AIP is not just the food.

What is AIP? In this article, even just the first paragraph, I’m thinking we should hygge the heck out of the next six months. Think about Esther! She took a full year of beautification. Let’s be Esther!

And I know what you’re wondering. 46 pounds and counting.

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