Feeding Your Body with Organic Vegetables

I had such fun last year that I decided that “Feeding Your Body with Organic Vegetables” was going to be my exercise program, too. This year I have moved within the garden beds to be right across from the Nursery where I volunteer twice a week. It makes it a lot easier on those days when I am not busy with work to pop over and get some tending done. I should have a LOT more vegetables this year!

  1. I added lots of compost (8 bags!) and had it tilled in.
  2. I ordered and received seeds from Burpees.
  3. I’ve weeded.
  4. On this very day, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts are forming.

By the time you are reading this, I will have already planted half of my garden in seeds! With the rain we’ve had, I haven’t had to have the irrigation system on, so I still need to test it out and see whether it needs repairs. I’ll be sharing all kinds of gardening pictures on Fridays: my front yard, my back yard, my Nursery, my vegetable bed, and my backyard birding program.

I know what an expense it is to plant a garden, and am very grateful that every single garden bed has a water spigot with well water. Incredibly blessed to have these #organicvegetables on my table every day. Are you Feeding Your Body with Organic Vegetables?

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