Sunday Share: Meal Prep

Even with eggs as expensive as they are right now, I went shopping for a Meal Prep that will fill the house with fragrance and a couple of meals. I’ve made good friend with the butcher, and baker, both at HEB and Randall’s because I’m cooking for one unless I’m doing a Meal Prep like I did this week.

Food should delight the eye first, so I always go for color. Fragrance is a big deal to me, so I cook all my stinky vegetables in one day and freeze them in portions. There aren’t any vegetables that I don’t like, so the variety out there is enormous. Before anyone asks me about kale, let’s just admit that kale is a weed that someone baptized an edible plant while the cost and availability of real greens were short.

My diet has never really faltered from meat and vegetables but with Mark and his eating disorder, I’m cooking for one these days. I bought a seasoned chicken breast at the meat counter and baked it with leeks and potatoes in the bottom. I do my meal prep with containers I bought from and put portions in the refrigerator or freezer.

I love oven roasted vegetables, but root vegetables don’t cook in the oven the way I like them, so, I precook the carrots and beets. Oven roasting then becomes the seasoning and flavor. The small beets, and carrots, will be quartered before going into the oven. The larger beets and carrots will sliced with different seasonings, and they will be chilled for salads.

No real recipes will be needed. I’m a basic cook and use

  • Itallian Seasonings,
  • garlic salt,
  • crack some pepper in a grinder,
  • Herbes de Provence,
  • dried parsley that I hand crush, and in the summer I’ll use
  • sprigs freshly cut off rosemary and thyme.

Unless I’m baking, meal prep takes five minutes if the vegetables are cleaned ahead of time like they were today. If I’m having a really good day, I’ll add summer and zucchini squashes, a butternut squash, broccolini, and fresh green beans to the grocery list.

QUESTION: Do you like soup? I have some great soup recipes that I can share!

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