Sunday Share: My word of the year is NEW

I have a separate prayer journal for myself and my own plans as my word for this year is NEW, and newness can be discombobulating, confusing, and slow to solution. But, oddly enough, journaling and planning is fun and exciting and a reprieve from what’s going on outside my four walls.

  1. Finally well enough to “nest” the new house, organize closets and drawers, pictures on the walls, and hygge all the things
  2. Launching monthly Zoom meetings for The Dandelion Society members.
  3. Fully embrace the existing flower beds that were over-planted with beautiful natives, and in numbers that will be moved to spots where Snow-magedon of 2021 finished off a few tender specimens.
  4. Getting my health back after two years and two months of Covid-megedon without my trusted and beloved Duke Medical Systems taking care of me.

Celia’s Paper Garden dot com
This week I got some help from my web hosting company to make the blog as safe as I needed it to be. I will be leaving Instagram and AWeber newsletter writing to calm my schedule down to just this one source for communication, so I was thrilled that Brian got the safety issue settled right away AND has me on his schedule for a redesign in August.

March is the last month for my membership to AWeber after many, many years. Newsletters were sometimes arriving in your email box, and sometimes not. Most everything …. well no ….. EVERYTHING that I wanted you to be able to download is stored here in the website media library, so it’s all here anyway.

Oh my goodness, Instagram is one place I turned to for pictures of pretty gardens and card sharing when I left Facebook entirely. That has turned into videos with loud music or electronic voice-overs that grate my nerves. Knowing when to actually post my pictures to reach you was one thing, but my refusal to video with sound meant my posts weren’t getting to you any way. And, what if I was busy at 11:00 Central Time and couldn’t get the post done on my phone? So. Done with that one except for reading.

If you are not already subscribed to the blog (see the box up on the right sidebar), please subscribe there. At the end of March it will be the only way to get any of the card creations delivered through email. Also, this is the only place I will be posting PDF tutorials, offers for discount coupons, new catalog launch dates, etc.

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