Labor Day 2017

Happy Labor Day! What exactly is Labor Day all about, in this age of working every single day regardless of weather?

We live in a construction zone, again, while all these houses are being built around us. It’s easy to look out the window, or listen through the walls any given day of the week and hear workers doing their job, singing, playing music, and having the marguarita truck drive by with snack and lunches. Except for today. Although, the small front end loaders are sculpting the fresh topsoil.

My husband and father both worked hard physical labor at one time, and decided it was best to get an eduation in a little something else because … it’s hard work! Roofing, digging, hauling. It’s hard on your back and tiring to your muscles especially if the temperatures you’re working in are not the most conducive to this hard physical labor.

One job that my father had during the summers between high school years was digging house foundations. By hand. With a pick and a shovel. His pay was a dollar and day and lunch provided by the homeowner: peanut butter and onion sandwiches. It was all they could afford and there was no tip at the end of the job, but Daddy showed up every day, on time, worked the job without wasting time or dragging it out any longer than necessary.

God bless those who labor physically and form the foundation of this nation. They are NOT the least important, but the most.

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