Brand NEW Product Launch!

I’m excited to talk to you today about a Brand NEW Product Launch that was announced during the OnStage event in Salt Lake City last week!

Let’s start thinking about the solutions this new tool can offer:

Do you frequently create multiple projects? You know I do, and maybe you would like to as well.

Do you love trying new techniques? Two-step stamping was always a popular Technique Tuesday I offered in Kerrville, and now there is three-step and four-step stamping with the invention of photopolymer stamps.

Do you prefer having things perfectly lined up and precisely placed? Even with two-step stamping being a little more artsy and forgiving, maybe you want that butterfly wing lined up just right, and their torso right in the middle.

Is it difficult for you to hold on to a stamp block? To be honest, I love the wood mounted stamp sets best because of the ease of what I call “stamp and go”. But what about all the new stamp sets that are only available in photopolymer? Who wants to be left behind with THOSE possibilities, right?

Have you ever struggled to apply just the right amount of pressure when they stamp? Again, with the photopolymer stamp sets, they have been easier to work with using the Piercing Mat underneath for this very reason. I’ve had trouble inking up too much photopolymer, too, and then it transfers to my project. Ick!

Because I like to make lots of cards at a time, all one design, and to have a handful of certain ones available at all times, I invested in the Mini MISTI about a year and a half ago.  I used it to make Christmas cards last year and I have to admit that I haven’t used it since.

Why? Because I wanted to be able to use several stamps from a photopolymer stamp set on one card panel and move on.  Let me show you:

I stamped 50 of the trailers, then had to go back and stamp 50 of the stripes, and then had to go back and stamp 50 of the hashmarked panels and so on.

Because the Stamparatus has two hinged pieces and four entire surfaces for applying the stamps, I could have completed these things a lot faster!  Watch this video and see what I mean!

Tomorrow is the opening of the FIRST reservation window and I am definitely ordering mine!

When we reserve our Stamparatus tomorrow, our credit cards will not be charged until shipping in February next year.

To place your order, you may go to my Online Store as always, and use the monthly Host Code: 2NB4P6FX Ready? Just click the Shop Now button on your right.

If you prefer, you can call me and I will place the reservation for you! I am teaching a Scrapbooking Class today until 5PM and will call you back as soon as I get home.

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  1. Howdy, Celia,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Hope all is well.
    I tried to pre-order the stamparatus and the “window is closed”.
    Am I missing something? I thought you could pre-order until
    Nov. 30.

    Thank you!