How to Knock Out 10 Gorgeous Cards In a Jiffy!

Would you love to know how to knock out 10 gorgeous cards in a Jiffy? These measurements were not part of the lessons covered in my Online Class “4 Cards in 30 Minutes” so here’s a new photo lesson you will want to print out and save with that class. (Don’t forget that you can use the Sharing Button at the end of the blog post called PrintMe, and the blog post changes to a PDF)

Let me show you how to keep the mailman busy, not to mention give your loved ones something in their mailbox besides advertising and spiders! These panels are going to be popped up on Note Cards and A2 cards in equal measure. On a note card, these measurements give you a quarter inch all around, and on an A2 card the cute little panel will really show off the colored cardstock you’ve chose for the card base.

  • Panels give us a place to wrap ribbon and twine all the way around
  • Stamping and coloring on panels means your alcohol inks won’t be showing up inside the card.
  • Panels also give us the opportunity to stamp off the sides with abandon, just in case you don’t actually to have your stamping fall onto the back side of the card base

The 12 x 12 cardstock is available in both Basic White and Very Vanilla. Buy both. We’re heading into autumn and there will be projects on the blog using both colors of Note Cards as well as themes like Thanksgiving and Autumn reasons to send mail. There aren’t very many sheets in a package, and you can see that we’re getting enough for 10 cards at a time. When they arrive, cut it all up, all at once. PREP is the first measure in saving time.

My plan for the next several months will be to show you how to save time AND save money. The first time saver I have for you is called PREP. Just like food prep, we can get crafting prep done ahead of time and SHOULD because the frenzy of card making for the holidays will be upon us quicker than you think.

SO TELL ME: Are you one that uses a stamped panel on the face of your cards, or are you making One Layer Cards?

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  1. Stamped panel for me! Why? Because I am prone to make mistakes and can flip the panel over for another try as opposed to ruining my card base.