How To Make a Quick Easter Card

Easter is the #5 card-sending holiday in America, so would you like to know how to make a quick Easter card? 57 million Easter greeting cards purchased each year! Together with Mother’s and Father’s Day cards, these cards will make your Spring occasions the second biggest time of card-sending of the year! So let’s join in, and make them quick, easy, and beautiful.

I had time on my hands after the Big Shot class I taught earlier this month, and so I showed some ladies how I save time by scoring my card stock before cutting it in half. Then, I showed them how I cut my front card panels to get four panels per sheet of card stock. This is the very first part of my class series called 4 Cards in 30 Minutes, and I’m always really excited to see those new stampers LOVE how easy it is!

I still had time, and wanted to go to lunch with someone, so I hung out with my Stamparatus stamping full circle garlands from the His Grace stamp set, and the sentiment in the center. Ooohs and aaahs! You have to try it sometime. Position your card panel so that this partial garland stamps toward one end, and line up the open circle at the center of your panel. When you turn the card stock 180 degrees, the garland lines up to close the loop.

BONUS: Using the Stamparatus will let you stamp the garland again if you get these delicate vines a bit too light the first time.

I knew I was going to color in the florals, and even add lines to the leaves to sort of color them in, but I was stuck for a couple of weeks after that. Then I had an idea: why not subtlely refer to the Easter cross by using the embossing folder, Pinewood Planks? It worked! Especially when I had colored the leaves a bit so the branches weren’t lost in the embossing.

And there you have it: How To Make a Quick Easter Card!

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