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What do I love?
I love making cards. Lots of them. I love mailing handfuls of cards at a time. I love pretty packaging. I love pretty postage stamps. I love gifting someone a little piece of joy in their day. I love friendship. I love being encouraged and supported. I love encouraging others, empowering others, and problem solving. I love teaching. I love gardening. I love cooking and baking. I love making things: sewing, decorating, jewelry, pottery, making guests feel welcome. I love singing and writing.



What will I do with these last four months of the year?

I’m going to make boat-loads of cards and mail them with pretty postage EVERY DAY.

I’m going to start an herb garden. From SEEDs.

I’m going to make clay slab fairy garden houses, and wind chimes, and a little sign that says, “Kaylin’s Rest” to place in the garden where we planted Kaylin’s ashes.

I’m going to finish every single unfinished quilted piece in my stash.

I’m going to organize my gems and make necklaces and earrings.

I’m going to journal Scripture and memorize some of it.

I’m going to take bus tours of gardens! And take notes.  Lots of notes.  And plant as many different Heuchera in my garden as I can cram into these new beds.

I’m going take Yoga, Pilates, and TRX classes. I like being strong. I actually like sweating and working hard.

I’m going to to back to sewing my own clothes.  And embellishing them with things that are so pretty they can’t go through a washing machine.

I’m going to clean my house.

I’m going to find that pan that makes just the muffin tops and I’m going to box them up by the dozen. Pumpkin. Gingerbread. Lemon poppyseed. Banana. Apple cinnamon. My house is going to smell amazing. FOR BLOCKS!

I’m going to contribute. There are so many fund raisers this time of year, and I can make so many different kinds of art, I’m going to craft my art out and sell everything to benefit someone else.

I’m going to make a pot of soup every week. Hungry?  There’s a place at the table and you’re always welcome. Throw on an apron, cut some fresh herbs, and let’s talk.


What am I NOT going to do? BLOG!

See ya next year. Maybe.



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  1. Celia, Your days sound heavenly! Enjoy every minute! Thank you for blessing us by sharing yourthoughts, talents, creativity and love. May God bless and be with you. Sincerely, Gayla